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outrageous__x3's Journal

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1) Fill out the application proplery, that means do not type "lYke diSs" and bold your answers also we would like it under a cut, if you dont know how thats alright.

2)If someone gives you a no, we dont want any fighting or cursing, you can always come back in a week with different pictures.

3)If you are a part of this community we would like if you promote as much as you can, where going to need more members each day.

4)You cannot vote unless you are stamped.

5)You have to be at least 12 years old or older, we can understand if your birthday is soon.

6)We will stamp you after 48 hours tops.

7)Please use pictures that are clear. Make sure if its more then just you, you tell which one is you.

8)Use at least 2 pictures. 4 the most.

9)Also if you are a member of this community, please do not give any nasty comments to any one wanting to join.

10)And for the people wanting to join, please follow the application and answer all questions.

o1. Name-

o2. Age-

o3. Location-

o4. Sexual preference (heterosexual/homosexual/bisexual/no preference)-

o5. Favorite Bands/Singers-

o6. Embarassing story-

o7. Hobbies-

o8. If you were deserted on an island, what 5 things would you bring with you?-

o9. What makes you special?-

10. Make us laugh-

11. Something random-

12. Are you hott?-

13. What will you bring to the community?-

14. Promote us to a person/community ((show links))

15. Where did you find out about us?-

16. Pictures [3+]-

Accepted Members:

crunk__x3 ((Danielle))
_knockout_ ((Ashley))
candii_whore01 ((Samantha))
___f0r_seri0us ((Grace))

Accepted Signs:

Rejected Signs:

Promoting Signs: